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Crop calibration and cleansing


NTA AgroCom Company specializes in wholesale purchases and sales of legumes and oilseeds. Agricultural producers don’t always have an opportunity to bring the grown products to standard indicators for humidity, purity and a number of other parameters.

We offer services that will significantly increase the cost of the manufactured product. With this purpose, peas, flax, coriander, or other crops can undergo pre-sale cleansing, calibration, and enhancement.

Seed analysis

A preliminary product quality analysis can be performed in our laboratories. All the works are carried out using high-quality modern technological equipment by our company’s specialists. Besides the standard set of calibration and cleansing equipment, we can offer exclusive European lines as well:

  1. the seed line with air aspiration will help to avoid any damage to the seeds;
  2. the short material is separated by a trier block;
  3. the photo separator eliminates rotten and chopped grains;
  4. products can be divided by density on pneumatic tables.

All the enhancement stages include weight control, packaging in the required packages is available.

Other crops
Chickpeas halves
Coriander halves
Forage peas halves
Flax seeds
Red lentils
Green lentils
Mustard yellow

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All the products presented on the website are available for sale. By giving us a call, you can learn all the information about prices, grain quality and their availability. If you want to sell it, we are interested in cooperation as well. The highly-developed infrastructure network of NTA AgroCom cooperates with farm household and elevators all over Russia. You can order grading, cleaning, processing and packaging – everything for profitable sale. Due to 20 years of market experience, we can enhance the quality of our company services without price rise. Looking forward to your calls!

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