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Grains, oilseeds
and legumes export
from Russian Federation
NTA AgroCom is
  • a large-scale infrastructure unit that offers storage, packaging and transportation services;
  • 20 years of the market experience and a well-developed network collaborating farms and granaries;
  • high-quality grain only, which is tested in two laboratories.
  • If you want to purchase crops, we will provide all the necessary conditions for you.

Our working procedure
Request You call us or send a request from the website
Negotiation and approval We consult and clarify all the issues
Agreement After negotiating all the conditions, we conclude an agreement
Work We start working immediately after signing the documents
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We sell the following agricultural crops
Chickpeas halves
Coriander halves
Forage peas halves
Flax seeds
Red lentils
Green lentils
Mustard yellow
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Advantages and guarantees of NTA AgroCom You get a number of solutions that enhance the main service quality with no price rise
Well-developed network of partners
  • We cooperate with elevators and farm household all over Russia.
  • We organize transloading and dispatch from elevators.
  • In some cases, packing at an elevator is included in the spotting/picking price.
  • Offer admission of buyers to the dispatch.
High quality of grains
  • Grain storage at a separate warehouse.
  • All grains undergo laboratory tests (control in 2 laboratories).
  • Supply of 100% contracted grain guaranteed.
Truck and railway logistics
  • We organize grain delivery by trucks.
  • We can act as consigners.
  • If there is no grain at an elevator, we will arrange transportation by truck.
Loading at railroad docks
  • We use specialized equipment that makes it possible to load grains at railway docks (results in significant cost saving).
Work on conditions of mutual settlement/barter
  • For our part, we can offer agrochemicals, fuel and other products (during the spring period).
Transparent relations
  • Formal contract.
  • We work with VAT, without VAT.

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Why work with us
High-quality We comply with parameters of the All Union State standard. All products undergo laboratory tests
Cost-effective We are analyzing the market on a constant basis and offer loyal conditions and cost-effective prices
Fast We do our best to perform activities as fast as possible without loss of quality
Transparent Transparent and well-timed settlements with suppliers
Convenient Well-developed infrastructure: logistics, laboratory, etc.
Reliable Transparent contractual relations
We cooperate with global traders
Export of agricultural products

Efficient purchase of agricultural crops is our company’s cornerstone.

We have built a professional procurement system for 20 years and have gained a reputation of a strong, responsible, and honest market participant.

We have built trust-based relations with manufacturing partners by constantly enhancing the level of cooperation conditions.

We constantly expand the range of the purchased products. At present, it includes not only peas and other legumes. Flax and safflower, rape plant and coriander are within our sphere of interest as well. Further expansion of the procurement product range has been scheduled.

We have developed optimal and non-standard procurement schemes on the basis of additional services, barter operations, and long-term contracts.

We give special attention to the integrated logistics matters – from urgent transportation of products to long-term storage, processing and packaging.

Our team’s professionalism made it possible to increase the export sales sharply.

The company is hopeful about the future, aimed at further expanding its capabilities, and is open to cooperation with agricultural producers and consumers of our goods.

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