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Peas in bulk for sale

NTA AgroCom company deals in ongoing purchases of wholesale split peas.

We work with agricultural producers directly. Due to avoidance of intermediaries, suppliers are able to gain high profits from selling peas. The company has additional offices in communities located as close as possible to the places of mass cultivation of this agricultural crop type.

Peas: general information and uses

Wholesale Peas

Peas belong to the legumes. It features high nutritional value. Its usage is not limited to nutrition – the product is applied in medicine, as well as cosmetology. It is grown in almost all regions of Russia and Ukraine.

In agriculture, it is planted as a precursor to grains and vegetables to restore soil efficiency with nitrogenous compounds.

Supply requirements

A producer who wants to sell peas in bulk to the profit should stick to our requirements to the grains:

  • we purchase yellow or green grain only;
  • acceptable humidity - 14% and below;
  • impurity content, as well as presence of grains of a different color or damaged – not exceeding 2%;
  • amount of broken and split seeds – up to 8%;
  • grain filthiness up to 4%.

The price of dried bulk peas is made up of the consignment volume, indicators of product quality, such as whether it is green, whole and organic, as well as delivery cost.

Our capabilities

Our managers work with suppliers on the individual basis:

  • help to analyze the peas quality;
  • assist in drawing up the necessary documentation properly;
  • solve logistics problems promptly.

Our company offers to purchase peas that meet the corresponding norms and standards in bulk and in any packaging. You can also buy halves of forage peas wholesale. We will deliver the product to any region using our own vehicle.

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Send us a message on WhatsApp and we will answer all your questions

All the products presented on the website are available for sale. By giving us a call, you can learn all the information about prices, grain quality and their availability. If you want to sell it, we are interested in cooperation as well. The highly-developed infrastructure network of NTA AgroCom cooperates with farm household and elevators all over Russia. You can order grading, cleaning, processing and packaging – everything for profitable sale. Due to 20 years of market experience, we can enhance the quality of our company services without price rise. Looking forward to your calls!

Our working procedure
Request You call us or send a request from the website
Negotiation and approval We consult and clarify all the issues
Agreement After negotiating all the conditions, we conclude an agreement
Work We start working immediately after signing the documents
Why work with us
High-quality We comply with parameters of the All Union State standard. All products undergo laboratory tests
Cost-effective We are analyzing the market on a constant basis and offer loyal conditions and cost-effective prices
Fast We do our best to perform activities as fast as possible without loss of quality
Transparent Transparent and well-timed settlements with suppliers
Convenient Well-developed infrastructure: logistics, laboratory, etc.
Reliable Transparent contractual relations
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