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Whole chickpeas (halves, split) for sale

NTA AgroCom company deals in purchasing and selling of cracked chickpea in bulk halves at reasonable competitive prices. For more information, contact us by number that you can find at the website head, fill the feedback form, or write on our whatsapp.

Chickpeas characteristics and special properties

dried chickpeas for sale

Chickpea is an annual plant. It has small bloated beans; contain from 1 to 4 rounded angular seeds. 1000 seeds weigh 150-300 g. It is a warm-requiring plant, with its vegetation period ranging from 90 to 220 days; it is demanding of lighting and is resistant to pests. The culture is drought-resistant, therefore is recommended for cultivation in the steppe regions of Russia and Ukraine. Chickpeas, or Bengal gram yield depends on cultivation technologies and climatic conditions of the cultivation region and ranges from 11 to 25 dt/ha. Undemanding of soil composition.

Beneficial properties of the agricultural crop

The human body needs only 100 g of chickpeas to completely recover after extensive physical exercise during a working day. The product nutritional value is close to meat. Due to high content of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, the product improves metabolic processes and produces a positive effect on the cardiovascular system functioning.

Chickpeas are a healthy and easy-to-use agricultural crop.

Our offers and capabilities

  • There are additional criteria for determination of the price of wholesale split chickpeas, which are agreed upon per individual enquiry.
  • We offer responsible storage of cracked chickpeas.
  • We prepare the goods for export shipment and draw up all the necessary documentation.
  • We perform all the kinds of logistics operations. We work with suppliers and buyers on any payment basises.
  • Our company has a capability of selling bulk kabuli chickpeas in any quantities. We offer product packaging in any transport and trade packaging: from big-bags weighing 1 ton and 500 kg up to packaging in bags.
  • Have our own fleet of vehicles for delivery.

We also sell wholesale halves of the nut. To contact our consultants, call our contact center, fill the feedback form, or write on our whatsapp. Looking forward to receiving your requests!

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All the products presented on the website are available for sale. By giving us a call, you can learn all the information about prices, grain quality and their availability. If you want to sell it, we are interested in cooperation as well. The highly-developed infrastructure network of NTA AgroCom cooperates with farm household and elevators all over Russia. You can order grading, cleaning, processing and packaging – everything for profitable sale. Due to 20 years of market experience, we can enhance the quality of our company services without price rise. Looking forward to your calls!

Our working procedure
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Agreement After negotiating all the conditions, we conclude an agreement
Work We start working immediately after signing the documents
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